I am a working historian with a doctorate in History and mother of three preschool aged children. In between raising kids, working, and finishing a Master’s degree, I’m trying to write a work of historical fiction.  And sometimes, it feels like the only thing keeping me sane. I’d like to publish, but for the time being I’m enjoying the writing process. I’ve written 60 000 words so far.

The subject of my novel came out of my undergraduate and postgraduate research. I’ve published historical work on masculinity, sexuality, class and the first world war, and these topics have converged in my fiction. I’m also fortunate that my current job dovetails with my research for this novel.

My novel’s working title is Evensong and Morwesong. It’s from the Prologue to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, but really I’ve stolen it from the title of a scandalous story one of my character wrote as a schoolboy at Winchester. No need to explain the significance of the title here, save to say that the novel is comprised of two interwoven narratives, one spanning the decades before the war and the other in the immediate post-war years.

I want to keep a blog as a means of keeping track of my own research and reading, as well as a vehicle for reflecting on historical research, the writing process and the sometimes tortuous marriage of history and fiction. And hopefully meet some interesting people along the way.


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